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Your business is rapidly expanding? You have just started a webshop, or your webshop is growing faster than expected? Congratulations!

If packing and shopping your orders is taking up more time than you’d like, if you’re in over your head, or if you’d prefer to spend your time on other areas of your business, DBFlex offers a helping hand.

Whether you’re a start-up with only a few orders to process (for now), or whether you are importing containers from China or the USA — DBFlex has a solution for you.

DBFlex packages and dispatches all your orders, no matter the amount, size or country of arrival.

DBFlex delivers products in Belgium and the Netherlands that are too large or too heavy for regular postal services. Plus, we deliver on appointment. We are flexibel to be of optimal service to your customers, delivering right to their doorstep at their preferred day + time.

What we do

DBFlex Services



DBFlex offers the total fulfilment package

From packing and addressing to delivery to the end customer, all over the world.



DB Flexible Logistics


We all know you do not get a second chance to make this important first impression. This is why we pack and ship your product with special care and attention. Small wonder that many companies opt for subcontracting the fulfilment – from storage and order handling to shipment – to DBFlex.

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